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Q: How easy is it to install flush-line flasher?
Installation is simple! The Flush-line flashers are custom fit to your specific motorcycle. Simply remove your existing blinker stalk, insert the Flush-line, secure with the retaining washer and bolt, and connect the wires.
Q: Will I get "fast flash"?
Because of less current draw it is a possibility. Mototeck Innovation has designed a specific resistor that will work perfectly not only with the Flush-line flashers but any others on the market, the part number for the resistor is #3100098 on the Mototeck Innovation web site.
Q: What makes your unit better than others, flush-line flasher?
Our flush mounts are the brightest on the market. The unique design allows us to pack more LED's and brighter LED's into the unit, allowing for the ultimate in brightness. The housing is made from injection molding from solid polycarbonate. There are no seams and no moving parts to break. The outer shell of the flush mount is designed to distribute the light front to back which allows the Flush-line flush mount to be visible from the front and rear angles as well as from a side-view. This, combined with the brightness greatly increases visibility and safety. Of course, our flush mounts also have different colors to choose from for the ultimate in cool and visibility.
Q: Do I have to cut my fairing to install this, flush-line flasher?
Not at all. No cutting is required. You simply insert into the blinker cavity in your fairing and secure with the included hardware.
Q: How long will they last?
The Flush-line flashers are molded from UV stabilized, impact resistant Polycarbonate. That means that they will not turn yellow like many plastics will when exposed to long periods of sunlight. They are impact resistant which means that they will hold up better than traditional blinkers would to impacts from road debris. They are also scratch resistant which means they will not scratch from being cleaned or during normal use. The LED's are mounted to a Polycarbonate backing and are easily removable if in the very improbable event that they need to be serviced. They should easily outlast the motorcycle. The whole unit is easy to open for cleaning purpose and this way keep their “as new” look for years to come.
Q: Modification of the OEM parts, Under tail, Mini tail, Motion tail?
The modification you will have to make on the original OEM parts is a cutting to the original plastic fender at the rear end of the tail body. You will keep the trunk space and battery holder. The under tail become the new trunk space.
Q: Are the flasher signal integrated into the rear break lights?
Yes the Mototeck Innovation rear break lights have both brake and turn signal light, we will not charge you more money for that option it included in all under tails kits, + you have flush mounts on the under tail section included, with clear lens or amber lens at not extra charge, some under tail come with special led lights those one have flush mounts on for the turn signal and other have brake and blinker's, take the time to read the description online before placing your order or E-mail me with the parts # service will get back to you with more detail's.
Q: Shipping delay?
For Canada and USA it takes 14 to 21 days after you have place your order online or on Ebay if it outside Canada or USA, Special order can take longer, you can always chose Express service for faster shipment. Buyer is responsible for any applicable import duty or taxes although you're NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE duty charge on motorcycle parts all around the world. Do not ask us to write '' Gift'' on customs declaration this is  fraud and we are not in that business.
Q: Color match?
We try the best to color match the original color, so we work with CARQUEST Canada to match the manufacture color's, We have the factory parts to verify all color match, but we can't guaranty the factory variance color, the reason why we sale mostly Primer unit(unpainthed unit).
Make sure you also understand that if you buy an unpainted (Primer)undertail lenses and LED won't be mounted!!
Q: U.S. or Canadian funds?
All our prices are in American funds. For all customer, for now we only accept PayPal payment, Direct or Visa and Master Card on phone order, C.O.D. for Canadian customer only.
Q: Where does the license plate mount?
First the license plate and LED light is included in the under tail kit, there is a place on our under tail where you can install your license plate, the license plate light is included, the license can be install on the rear passenger pegs or on your swing arm side.
Q: Custom fee?
The price may vary because of customs and duty laws. For US customers it between 15$ - 25$ We can't control those charge. Mototeck Innovation is not responsible for those charge and Mototeck Innovation will not cancel or credit a order because of those charge, you can call customs and asked them, please let them know the total value of your order to confirm your charge.
Q: Legal or not legal, Under tail, flasher, etc...?
For the Under tails, flush mounts, you must call your local police department and verify or check with the state laws, mostly all product are not D.O.T. approved.
Q: Can I install my under tail?
For the under tail it takes about 2 hours to install. We recommend you to let a tech or a mechanic do the work. We give an Installation process online that you can copy but you will have to go on your own. You can E-mail at support@mototeckinnovation.com for more details info.
Q: Where can I see a picture of the parts mounted on a bike?
Just take a look on the website! Click with your mouse on the installation or Photo+ cookie.
Q: Where are you located?
We are located in St-Coloban, 152 Rue Lachapelle, Québec , J5K 1J9, Canada. Tell: 514-216-9069
Q: Do you ship everywhere around the globe?
Yes we ship anywhere around the world. The cost may be more for some part of the world because the customers are in charge of their shipping fee.
Q: Why my flasher flash to fast?
Some factory relay will not slow down the flashing rate, you can view the parts # 3100098 online, the Mototeck Innovation resistor is easy to install, just connect the resistor in serie on your new Flasher of your Undertail, some others compagny sell Relay or other device more more expensif, we don`t...
Q: Fitment policy?
Motorcycles, ATV, Cars, Truck and others ride can be dangerous. Mototeck Innovation has no control over the use of any part. Buyer fully understands that all body kits, under tails, mirrors, lenses, flush mounts, LED lights, plastic parts are sold "as is" with no warranty expressed or implied; due to the fact that most body kits are made of 100% ABS plastic or electronic devise. Mototeck Innovation is not responsible or liable for any damages or possible injury incurred upon possible accidents due to driver error, incorrect installations, bad judgment (cracking or breaking) or acts of nature. Buyer understands that all body kits may need modifications in order to fit correctly, removal of factory lights and body work, shaving, molding, etc. We recommend you have a skilled body shop technician install and paint any body kit for factory for show quality look. Rack In Motion, therefore, expects the customer to exercise good judgment as to the proper selection, installation, use, and maintenance of any part. Many Mototeck Innovation parts are for track racing only, not for street riding. You must verify with your local police and state department for any laws that may apply to your motorcycle and others ride . There's a 20% cancelling charge after placing a order and Mototeck Innovation does not refund shipping charges, so please verify everything for your safety and to respect your state laws. By placing an order with Mototeck Innovaton, you agree with and accept the terms of our parts installation / fitting policy.
Q: Help us with the photo album?
After installing your Mototeck Innovation product you can E-mail us your picture, it will help us and other customer to view different angle and multiple color, we also give refund $$$ if the picture are nice.