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Warranty & Installation

Motorcycles, ATV, others ride can be dangerous. Mototeck Innovation has no control over the use of any part. Buyer fully understands that all body kits, undertails, mirrors, lenses, flushmounts, LED lights, plastic parts are sold "as is" with no warranty expressed or implied; due to the fact that most body kits are made of 100% ABS plastic or electronic devise.
Mototeck Innovation is not responsible or liable for any damages or possible injury incurred upon possible accidents due to driver error, incorrect installations, bad judgment (cracking or breaking) or acts of nature. Buyer understands that all body kits may need modifications in order to fit correctly, removal of factory lights and body work, shaving, molding, etc. We recommend you have a skilled body shop technician install and paint any body kit for factory for show quality look.
Mototeck Innovation, therefore, expects the customer to exercise good judgment as to the proper selection, installation, use, and maintenance of any part. Many Mototeck Innovation parts are for track racing only, not for street riding. You must verify with your local police and state department for any laws that may apply to your motorcycle and others ride . There's a 20% cancelling charge after placing a order and Mototeck Innovation does not refund shiping charges, so please verify everything for your safety and to respect your state laws.
By placing an order with Mototeck Innovation, you agree with and accept the terms of our parts installation / fitting policy.
Mototeck Innovation Team