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TECK 12 assembly, 1/pc

TECK 12 assembly, 1/pc
Brake light assembly TECK 12, come with 3 wires 12 Led strip, brake / flashing, running application, availlable with red or red and amber combo or amber for turn signal application Phillip screws, sold in unit.

Replacement for Brake light or Any others application

This unit kit is for adding Led light accessories to any Bike, ATV, or trailer, sold in unit. Please Note that for modification will be needed to fixe those assembly Brake light. For shipping, 1 to 4 units can be ship in the same Small Box, For 5 and More extra shipping cost will be charge

This products is not D.O.T approved.
SKU 600031410  
Weight 0.25 lbs
Color Lens
Choice of Led
Multi Pack
Shipping Cost
Our price: US$24.99 (CND$33.24)
Market price: US$28.99

Installation Instructions

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Lumière extra pour VTT
Replacement TECK 12 Assembly
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