ZX6R 98-02 ZX9R 98-01 (02-03) ZZR600 03-09

This undertail installation is quite easy, the hardest part is to cut the under tray, I have teamed the ZX6R from 98 to 02 with the ZX9R 98 to 01 because they are so much alike, but I will specify differences when needed.

1. Remove the 2 seats, the 2 grab bars, the tail section and tail light, empty your trunk space, and watch for any wires in the area where you have to cut, you can cut the under tray with a Dremel, a good utility knife or a saw, you can also cut it in place or remove it all and cut it on a table, I prefer to do it on a table, if you want to do it that way, continue to dismantle the tray by removing the battery and all electrical components,once there cut it like the pictures shown below:


and for the ZX6R:


this picture show about where the cut should be done for the 6R

a top view of the same cut job

2. Once that is done re-install the under tray in place, put back all electrical components in place, tail light and install the battery at the last moment.

3. install the stainless license plate bracket on the undertail, mark and drill the spot as shown on the pictures,


4. Put back in place the tail section, install the undertail and make the connections for the rear blinkers and to the LED license plate light to 12 volts live current, I suggest to the tail lights.

5. Also strongly suggested is a heavy duty flasher relay, this relay installed in place of the stock unit will slow down the blinking speed to normal. We have them in stock at $9.99 Parts 3100098

Final Result


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