Installation Guide 

 Yamaha FZ1 01-05
Mototeck Undertail

Please read these instructions from beginning to end before you start the installation. Should you have any questions, please contact Rack in motion before proceeding. If you do not feel comfortable doing this job yourself, it is suggested that you have an experienced Motorcycle Technician perform the installation.

1. If possible, place the bike on a swing arm stand.

2. Remove the front seat and the Grab bars.

3. Disconnect the battery.

4. Remove the rear cowl. The rear cowl is attached with 4 plastic Yamaha plastic fasteners. These fasteners are removed by pushing in the center of them with a small blunt instrument.

5. Remove the rear turn signals.

6. FENDER TRIMMING: IMPORTANT NOTE: The following procedure involves some cutting of plastic. Use Safety Glasses for all cutting and/or grinding procedures! The stock fender is used to retain the trunk area. You must also keep the holder clips for the support  bar. The stock fender must be trimmed enough to install the Undertail section. For cutting, I recommend a Dremel Tool with a plastic cutting tip. The Dremel tool  is an excellent choice, but you can also use a Hack Saw blade, an Exacto Knife, or something similar. Use caution when using any sharp blade and always cut away from you. Look carefully at the pictures below and use them as a guide as to where you need to cut.

Above: This is a top view of the stock undertray after the fender has been removed.

Above: This is what the undertray looks like from the rear after cutting.


7. If you plan to use the license plate bracket supplied in the kit, now would be a good time to drill the three mounting holes, the location of which, has been marked on the Mototeck Undertail. Attach the bracket using the  fasteners supplied, or, if you prefer, you may use nuts and bolts. Depending on what state that you live in, you may have to drill some holes in your License plate or the License Plate Bracket for the holes to line up. We have an optional Stainless Steel Bracket available.


8. Carefully re-install the tail section on the bike, but do not install any of the bolts. Slide the Undertail up into the tail section and position it to line up the 4 holes so you can attach it using the 4 Yamaha plastic fasteners previously removed.


9. Connect the LED license plate light and Turn Signal lights. All wiring connections are located on the left rear side of the bike. If the LED signal lights do not illuminate, you most likely will have to reverse your wire connections on the effected lights. IMPORTANT NOTE: The wires for the LED Turn Signals have inline resistors. If you remove the resistors by shortening the wires, the LED's will fail upon applying electrical power. Do NOT remove these resistors. There are inline resistors for the License plate light as well.


10. It suggested that you install a heavy duty Turn signal relay. In most cases, after installing LED's, the signals will flash at a very rapid rate. This relay installed in place of the stock unit will return the Turn signal flashing rate back to normal. We have these units in stock. Our Part Number is 3100610 and is available by clicking here.


11. Assemble the remaining parts in reverse order of removal. Check all fasteners for tightness and security,

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