1. First, be cool, take your time to do it right and the result will be one of the best modifications you will ever make to your beloved machine, the R1! Take off the seats and before anything else disconnect the battery!!

2. Now remove the foot peg brackets and rear cowl. Then the rear flashers and tail light, the cutting job can be done on the bike or on the table (fig 1), it's more work to do it on the table but it is safer to do it that way. Trace a line with a chalk pen or any other pen to guide you in cutting the undertray (fig 2 & 3)

fig 1

fig 2

fig 3

fig 4

fig 5


3.  It is important to trim the height of the contour seen on fig 5, this will give space to the inner parts of the blinkers.

4. I use a dremel tool equipped with a cable extension and a cross fiber cutting wheel to do the job. You will need a steady hand and protective glasses, go at a slow pace.  The job can be done without the dremel but it is the tool I suggest you use for the cutting. Once the cut is done you should have a piece like this one up here (fig 6)!

fig 6


5. You will re-use the part that is bolted to the stock tail light and modify it to fit our use, on FIG C you can see it with red arrows to show you where to cut it in half, on FIG D you see it already cutted as shown by the red arrows, you have to cut it following the green line, the yellow arrows show you were you will bolt the rear cowl section at the end with the stock bolts as it was before!

[fig C]

6. Use the stock wire for the tail lights, just cut and connect the new tail light.

7. One very important part is to cut flat those 12 little plastic guides inside the rear cowl( sides and rear) Fig 8

fig 8

fig 10


8. The wire routing is very simple, disconnect the wires from the lights by twisting them off of the socket and as on the photo here pass the right wire cable between the sub frame bars and hide it under the flat bar with big holes. I have colored the wiring here on purpose with the software in blue and green to make them visible on the photo (fig 10).


9. this is the kind of flasher relay you should (fig 11) use if you don't want the faster blinking speed that you get with a set up like this, they say a picture is worth a thousand words!!
I keep these in stock if you can't find them in your region, here they are only $6.95!

Tridon relay and connectors---------------stock relay


10. once properly installed with a tie wrap



11. Now you have to connect your new blinkers to the original wiring (just make sure you connect the right side by testing it).  Then gently slide in your tail and under tail (it might be a good idea to install your license plate right now), use the 6 original rivets to hold the under tail to the tail and reinstall everything left to see the fit. When everything is ok you can secure all the bolts left a bit loose first when installing the sub frame.




The result, a nice under tail with integrated blinkers, too bad you have to put a license on it!!! Measure precisely and gently drill (if you haven't already done it) on the molded lip to install the plate using any bolts and nuts ( you can use the Yamaha plastic rivets to secure it there ), if you have problems, e mail me and I will respond to help you, if you like it like I do, tell your friends, have fun! Robert.


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